unsleepableUnsleepable V3.0 is a complete rebuild of the original Unsleepable theme for WordPress. It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. This basically means that it’s free to use, and you’re encouraged to modify it any way you desire. But you must make sure you always attribute me (Ben Gray or Openswitch) in the footer.

Unsleepable features a widget-friendly sidebar as well as a widget-friendly subfooter area.

Download Unsleepable V3.0

Regarding The “Unsleepable” Logo

The first thing you’ll notice upon installing Unsleepable on your website is that the logo you see is not your site’s name, but instead says “Unsleepable”. The logo is an image named “title.gif.” It is contained in the “images” folder within the Unsleepable theme directory. Inside that same folder I’ve included the Photoshop file for “title.gif” so you can create your own logo to replace the default Unsleepable logo.

Simply create a new logo, name it “title.gif” and upload it to the “images” directory within the Unsleepable theme on your web server.

New Unsleepable Services

With the release of Unsleepable I’m also offering new, professional, comprehensive services to compliment this popular theme.

Package #1 (Cost: $100)

I understand that not everyone will have the time or the means to create their own logo for the Unsleepable theme. It’s with that in mind that I’m offering my services to make a logo for you which will fit right in with Unsleepable.

Package #1 includes only the creation of a basic logo (your site name) for your Unsleepable installation.

Package #2 (Cost: $300)

Unsleepable ships with a set color scheme of hot pink and gray. While many users enjoy these colors it’s certainly not for everyone. I’m offering my services to alter the color scheme any way you like. This is an exciting option because now your website can match your business logo, your favorite sports team, or literally any color palatte that catches your eye.

Package #2 includes not only a custom color scheme but also the creation of a basic logo (your site name) for your website as well.

Package #3 (Cost: $800)

Unsleepable ships with a set content structure: main content is on the left, single sidebar is on the right, subfooter is below both. However, many individuals and businesses have unique needs and require a site structure that is different from the default Unsleepable layout. I’m offering my services to create a unique layout that will meet your needs perfectly.

Need two sidebars? Done. Need room for more pages in the navigation menu? Done. Any and all Unsleepable layout needs can and will be met.

Package #3 is the most expensive package because with it, you get everything. You get a basic logo (your site name), you get a custom color scheme and you also get a custom layout, all done professionally by me.

Getting Started

Ready to get started with Unsleepable? Download Unsleepable for free.

Ready to hire me to make Unsleepable custom to your site? Contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling.

I’ve created a mailing list which will serve to keep you up to date regarding Unsleepable updates, new theme releases (yes, there will be other great themes released from Openswitch) and new services being offered. I highly encourage you to sign up for the mailing list (use the form below) as it will prove to be indispensable in the future.

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